Riding Lessons

To schedule a lesson email Gael Orr: gaeljorr@gmail.com or call/text 585.991.3040

We provide riding lessons for beginner to advanced lesson students. Ride your horse, or one of ours. Contact us to schedule a private lesson or ride in one of our group lessons. We teach English riding and Sidesaddle lessons at Sweetwater.

For the purposes of understanding your riding level, do you consider yourself by the below definitions a beginner, intermediate or advanced student?

A beginner student may or may not have ever ridden a horse before. This person might have ridden in the past on vacation, or on the trail. This student may know something about tacking up, but cannot do so alone. This student may have trotted a horse a couple of times in their life, but doesn’t really know how to direct or guide the horse well. This student does not know how to post or hold their reins correctly. This student has not learned a one-rein stop.

An intermediate level student is considered someone who can tack up alone, walk, trot, post and is beginning canter work and can ride in two-point/half seat. This student understands trotting on the diagonal and can change them when needed or directed. This student has an independent seat and rides with elasticity through their arms, wrists, hands, and seat.

An advanced rider is a student who is confident in all gaits (walk, trot, canter, gallop), jumps and has excellent control over the horse. This student understands training principles and can apply them to their horse.

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