Buying a horse

Are you ready to buy a horse? Here is a pop-quiz that can test your current knowledge and give you an idea if you and your family are ready to take on the investment. Quiz

Are you thinking of buying a horse? Here is an all inclusive list of questions you may want to ask the seller.

Also, here is a general list of costs per horse or per pony, per month. In general, these costs are region specific, what one person pays for hay may be more or less than what you pay for hay. A general rule is that hay bales cost around 5.00 per bale or 60.00 per round bale. A horse eats about half of a square bale of hay per day and a pony a quarter or less of that amount, depending on the size of your pony. A full sized 14.2 hands high pony may eat as much as a full sized horse. In general, you want to factor about 20 pounds of hay per day for a full sized horse.

CostPer Horse Per MonthBoarder’s Per Pony Per Month
Hay Per Horse$75.00$35.00
Grain Per Horse$31.25$5.00
Shavings Per Horse$80.00$30.00
Manure Removal$14.29$14.29
Electricity $21.43$21.43
Liability Insurance$25.00$25.00
Horse Medical Insurance (optional)$100.00$100.00
Vet (vaccines, chiro, etc. no major emergencies)$100.00$100.00
Medical Supplies$25.00$25.00
grooming supplies/fly sprays/shampoos, hoof dressing$20.00$20.00
Farrier (trim’s only no shoes)$22.50$15.00
Riding Lessons you probably want to take at least once a month!$40.00$40.00
Trailering horse/shows$10.00$10.00
Other costs to consider if you plan to keep your horse at home
Farm Equipment
Mortgate plus escrow
Property taxes
Small Repairs and Maintenance
Monthly costs$356.96$240.72

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